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How long do the extensions last?

The longevity of Curly Heaven hair extensions typically lasts up to a year or even longer. This variation in lifespan is primarily influenced by the quality of care they receive. Since our hair is composed of 100% human hair, its durability is genuinely responsive to your maintenance routine.

With constant styling and manipulation, all hair is prone to a little bit of shedding and tangling. However, if you treat your extensions with the same level of care as you do your natural hair and provide them with excellent maintenance, they can last a very long time.

Longevity Guide for Curly Heaven Hair Extensions:

5+ Years: With occasional wear, proper storage, and care, your extensions have the potential to last for years. It's crucial to avoid heat styling, as it can damage the hair, similar to our natural hair. Additionally, refraining from the use of hairspray and other hair products can contribute to prolonging the life of your Curly Heaven extensions. Proper storage when not in use, is recommended. Never store your extensions while wet.

1-2 Years: With daily wear, meticulous care, regular cleansing, and maintenance, your extensions can last for one to two years. It's important to minimize heat styling and refrain from using hairstyling products like hairspray, gel, or mousse with harsh ingredients

3-6 Months: In cases of extreme daily wear, frequent use of heat styling tools, irregular washing of hair extensions, and the use of styling products, the lifespan of the extensions may be reduced to three to six months.

I'm having trouble deciding which extensions to choose.

If you require assistance in selecting the perfect hair match, please don't hesitate to share some photos of your hair. These photos should be taken with your hair down and dry in natural lighting. Our team will be more than happy to assist you.

Photo Tips:


  • Please do send us photos of your hair from various angles: the front, side, and especially the back. Curly hair often exhibits different curl patterns, particularly towards the face versus the back.
  • It's crucial to send photos in natural lighting to provide a clear view of your curl pattern.
  • Up-close photos are highly encouraged, allowing us to closely examine your hair and offer the best possible guidance.


  • Avoid sending photos of your hair in a bun, as we need to observe your curl pattern.
  • Refrain from sending a single hair strand photo; instead, we need an overall view of your curl pattern.
  • Do not send photos of wet hair, as curl patterns change as the hair dries.
  • Avoid taking photos in a dark room, as it can make it challenging to assess your curls.
  • Steer clear of sending distant photos, as they may not provide a clear view of your curl pattern.

Please remember that our suggestions are based on the pictures you provide. Ultimately, the choice of the set that's right for you rests with you.

How do I Install the clip-in extensions?

The extensions securely attach to your hair through small snap on clips that were sewn onto the base of the hair extensions. These clips seamlessly tuck beneath your natural hair, and they feature a silicone insert to guarantee a secure grip, preventing any unwanted slipping.

Can I wash the sample hair piece?

The sample piece is included to help customers assess whether the curl pattern and color align with their preferences and requirements. However, once the sample piece has undergone any form of alteration, such as washing or styling, it renders the purchase ineligible for a return.

It's essential to understand that human hair extensions fall under the category of hygiene-sensitive products. At Curly Heaven, we prioritize hygiene and public safety, which is why we do not accept returns for items that have been tampered with in any way.

Synthetic vs Human Hair extensions.

Hair extensions crafted from real human hair possess an exquisite softness, a natural shine, and a fluidity that's challenging to replicate with synthetic alternatives. Human hair extensions offer the flexibility to be dyed, trimmed, and styled using hot tools for curling or straightening. They can be washed regularly and treated like you would your own natural hair. When maintained correctly, human hair extensions can maintain their beauty and longevity for up to a year or even longer.

In contrast, extensions crafted from synthetic hair fibers are sensitive to sunlight, challenging to style to match your natural hair, and typically have a shorter lifespan compared to their human hair counterparts. Synthetic hair is also less resilient overall. With proper care, you can typically anticipate synthetic hair lasting approximately 4-6 months, while heat-friendly synthetic hair may endure for around 2-3 months.

Seamless vs Classic, what is the difference?

The fundamental difference lies in the base of the extensions. The regular Classic set features a weft with fabric stitched along its base, whereas the Seamless set boasts a lightweight and flexible silicone base.

Classic extensions are distinguished by the fabric stitching along the base of each weft, ensuring a soft and comfortable wearing experience.

  • Has soft fabric stitched onto a base delivering enhanced durability.
  • Classic extensions provide a touch more volume at the base of your scalp.
  • This collection offers a range of curl styles and various gram options.

Seamless extensions lie perfectly flat against your scalp, rendering them virtually undetectable—you might even forget you're wearing them.

  • The silicone band securely bonds every individual hair strand at the base of each weft, ensuring ultimate comfort.
  • The Seamless set introduces added flexibility and movement, thanks to its slim band.
  • These extensions are 50% thinner at the base, making them exceptionally lightweight, and they come in a 180g option.

We proudly offer both options for our customers to choose from, allowing it to come down to personal preference.

I can't find my perfect hair match, help!

Curl patterns can vary significantly, and many individuals with curly hair naturally have multiple curl patterns coexisting. As a result, your extensions don't need to be an exact match to seamlessly blend and achieve a natural look. After installation, simply style your hair, incorporating the extensions, and you'll find that they blend harmoniously for a natural appearance.

Hair Care

Elevate your hair extension experience by discovering the benefits of proper hair extension care.

Can the extensions be bleached?

In technical terms, yes, we've had numerous customers bleach their extensions and achieve satisfactory results. However, we discourage the bleaching of hair extensions – it's a bit of a double-edged sword.

Bleaching involves harsh and potentially damaging chemical processes. It has the potential to alter the curl pattern, affect the overall quality and durability of your hair extensions, and even result in excessive dryness leading to tangling issues.

If you're determined to lighten your extensions, we strongly recommend entrusting the process to a professional hair expert. It's advisable to experiment by dyeing a small weft first before committing to coloring the entire set, ensuring you're content with the final shade.

Ultimately, the decision to dye, tone, or bleach is entirely at the discretion of the customer.

Can the extensions be colored, dyed or toned?

You can color Curly Heaven virgin hair extensions (the off-black shade). If you want to go lighter, consult a professional and consider testing one small weft before dyeing the entire set to avoid any regrets. Keep in mind that dyeing can cause dryness, so extra moisture is vital to maintain extension longevity.

We don't advise adding color to extensions that have already been dyed. Please be aware that coloring can impact the hair's structure and lifespan, and it's your decision whether to dye, tone, or bleach them.

Adding extra color to previously dyed extensions is not recommended. Introducing more chemicals to hair that has already been colored may result in possible dryness & shedding and can compromise the overall texture and quality of the hair.

Can I straighten or add heat the extensions?

Yes, our virgin, unprocessed extensions can be straighten and styled as desired, however, keep in mind that excessive heat should be avoided when styling your extensions because it can gradually change the pattern and overall quality of the hair. If you feel the need to flat iron or blow dry your curly extensions, be aware that too much heat can lead to irreversible heat damage and irreversible curl, so straighten at your own risk.

If straight hair extensions are desired, we kindly advise purchasing straight extensions rather than attempting to straighten curly ones.

Furthermore, it's not recommended to use heat on ponytail extensions or on hair that has been colored.

The decision to apply heat to your extensions is entirely up to you, and if you choose to do so, always remember to use a heat protectant to minimize potential damage.

Do hair extensions shed?

All hair, including hair extensions, is susceptible to some degree of shedding and tangling due to constant styling and handling. Shedding, particularly while washing, is common with clip-in extensions and is a normal occurrence. You can minimize shedding and hair fallout by practicing gentle care and finger-combing your extensions delicately during each wash. It's essential to avoid any aggressive pulling or snagging during this process.

Please keep in mind:

  • To reduce shedding, consider washing your extensions less frequently. Frequent washing can contribute to increased hair fallout, a common characteristic of all hair extensions.
  • As a tip, avoid getting the base of the extensions, where the clips are located, excessively wet during each wash to help maintain their longevity.
Is it normal for hair extensions to tangle?

Just like your natural hair, curly and textured hair, including hair extensions, craves ample moisture and doesn't do well with products containing alcohol or excessive product usage.

If not maintained properly, your hair extensions can become tangled due to factors like dryness, oil and dirt buildup, exposure to saltwater or chlorine, and more. It's crucial to condition your hair extensions every few weeks and gently finger-comb or use a wide-tooth comb when the hair is wet, starting from the ends and working your way up. Avoid brushing dry hair.

To boost hydration and manage tangles, consider using hydrating drops or leave-in conditioners, allowing the hair to air dry. If you've personally dyed your extensions, they may require even more care and moisture to prevent dryness, which can lead to tangling.

How do I wash my extensions?

To maintain your Curly Heaven hair extensions, follow these guidelines:

  1. When washing, ensure you move from top to bottom in a single direction, avoiding washing the hair upside down.
  2. Co-washing is a recommended technique. If you prefer to use shampoo, use a small amount of sulfate-free shampoo and follow with a generous application of conditioner. (Sulfates can dry out your hair and extensions.)
  3. It's advisable to treat your extensions with hair treatments such as deep conditioners and hair masks every few weeks. Since the hair isn't attached to your scalp, it lacks the essential oils it needs. These treatments prevent tangles and keep your extensions looking healthy and nourished for an extended period.
  4. Depending on your frequency of wear and the amount of styling products used, you'll find that you don't need to wash your extensions too frequently.
  5. To dry your extensions, lay them flat on a clean towel and allow them to air-dry. For a visual guide on washing your clip-ins, please refer to the instructional video below.

We recommend washing your extensions once a month or as necessary to maintain their condition and appearance.

What type of styling products should I use?

When caring for your hair extensions, treat them with the same care you would give to your own natural hair, as they are made from real human hair. Remember, it's all about maintaining their quality. Here are some tips:

  1. Use Quality Products: Opt for high-quality shampoo and conditioner products, avoiding those with harsh chemicals and ingredients. Conditioning is particularly vital for keeping the hair soft and manageable.
  2. Product Recommendations: Look for sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and alcohol-free shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. Natural or gentle styling products are preferred. If you notice heavy product buildup, you can use a clarifying shampoo followed by a moisture-rich conditioner for deep conditioning.
  3. Styling Considerations: If you desire a more tightly defined curl pattern, styling gels can achieve this effect. For a softer look, choose cream-based products.
  4. Application Timing: To prevent overly stiff curls, apply styling products while the hair is wet, rather than on damp or dry hair.
Can I swin with my extensions on?

While the idea of swimming with luxurious, long hair may be appealing, we strongly discourage wearing your clip-in hair extensions in the water or during showers. This practice can lead to tangling and potential damage to both your natural hair and the extensions.

My extensions are too frizzy or not frizzy enough.

We recognize that preferences for frizz levels can vary, and here are some tips to help you achieve your desired outcome:

Too Much Frizz?
If the curl pattern of your extensions appears frizzier than desired, a simple solution is to wash the extensions. This will reduce the frizz and provide a more defined curl. To prevent the ends from frizzing, apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner or use styling gel/cream to maintain definition.

Not Enough Frizz?
If your extensions have a much more defined curl pattern than you'd prefer and you want a more natural look, gently finger-comb the hair to loosen the curls while the hair is dry. This manipulation will create a more natural and flexible curl appearance. Additionally, using cream-based products instead of gels can help achieve a softer look.

Can I color my extensions at home?

You have the option to color Curly Heaven virgin hair extensions. However, keep in mind that it's typically simpler to darken the hair than to lighten it.

If you opt for a lighter shade, we strongly advise consulting a professional stylist. Additionally, we recommend dyeing a small weft as a test before coloring the entire set to ensure you're content with the final shade. This precaution can help you achieve the desired results.


How are the extensions measured?

Our extensions are initially measured when they are straight, but it's important to note that their curly nature leads to some degree of shrinkage. Here's a breakdown of the approximate curled lengths for each texture:

Coily Curl:

  • 18" Inches is approximately 9" Inches when curled
  • 22" Inches is approximately 11" Inches when curled
  • 26" Inches is approximately 13" Inches when curled

Kinky Curl:

  • 18" Inches is approximately 11-12" Inches when curled
  • 22" Inches is approximately 13-14" Inches when curled
  • 26" Inches is approximately 16-18" Inches when curled


  • 18" Inches is approximately 12-14" Inches when curled
  • 22" Inches is approximately 14-16" Inches when curled
  • 26" Inches is approximately 18-19" Inches when curled

Twirly Curl:

  • 18" Inches is approximately 12-14" Inches when curled
  • 22" Inches is approximately 13-14" Inches when curled
  • 26" Inches is approximately 18-19" Inches when curled

Wavy Curly:

  • 18" Inches is approximately 17" Inches when curled
  • 22" Inches is approximately 21" Inches when curled
  • 26" Inches is approximately 25" Inches when curled

Wavy Twirl:

  • 16” Inches is approximately 13”-14” Inches when curled
  • 18" Inches is approximately 16”-17” Inches when curled
  • 22" Inches is approximately 18”-19” Inches when curled
  • 26" inches is approximately 20”-21” Inches when curled

Curly Curl:

  • 18" Inches is approximately 9”-10” Inches when curled
  • 22" Inches is approximately 10”-13” Inches when curled
  • 26" inches is approximately 12”-15” Inches when curled

Spirally Curl:

  • 18" Inches is approximately 7”-9” Inches when curled
  • 22" Inches is approximately 10”-12” Inches when curled
  • 26" inches is approximately 12”-14” Inches when curled

Karli Curl:

  • 18" Inches is approximately 10”-12” Inches when curled
  • 22" Inches is approximately 11”-13” Inches when curled
  • 26" inches is approximately 12”-14” Inches when curled
Can I order a single hair sample piece?

Please note that individual sample hair pieces are not available for separate purchase.

Each order includes a sample hair piece, allowing customers to assess the hair's quality, color, and curl pattern to ensure that the extensions align with their preferences before making a full commitment.

Do you offer Pro discounts or wholesale?

At this time, we do not offer any pro or wholesale packages or pricing.

Is your brand cruelty free?

Indeed, Curly Heaven is a cruelty-free brand, and we take pride in using ethically sourced human hair for all our products. Our hair is obtained through fair donation, sale, or exchange practices.

Where are you located?

All orders ship from the sunshine state of Florida.

Do you offer phone support?

We do not provide phone support services; however, we will be more than happy to assist you in addressing any questions or concerns you may have through email. Please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be glad to help.

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