My tracking information shows my package was delivered, but I haven't received it. What do I do?

 We're very sorry to hear that you haven't received your order. Please follow the steps provided here to help locate your lost package.


1. Double check your shipping address.

When the tracking information states that the package has been delivered, this means it was delivered to the shipping address provided to us at check-out. We recommend you double check the shipping address entered during check out to ensure it was the correct shipping address and no errors were made. If you believe your package was delivered to an incorrect address, please try to get in touch with the residents of that address to retrieve your package. 

2. Wait up to 48 hours for your package to get delivered.

On rare occasions, the courier may mark the package as being delivered earlier than it actually is. Please wait up to 48 hours for your package to actually be delivered or for any updates from the courier.

3. Contact your local postal service.

We've encountered instances were packages have been held at the postal office for pick up, despite the tracking showing as being 'Delivered'. We recommend contacting the local post offices in your area to inquire if they're holding your package for pick up. Be sure you contact the postal service that is assigned to deliver in your area.

4. Check your mailbox and any safe and secure areas around your home.

Tracking information usually specifies where the package was delivered to (front door, mailbox, garage, etc). We still recommend to check all possible areas where it could have been delivered too. Please check any other secure areas around your home.

5. Check with your household members and your neighbors.

When a package is delivered, most couriers will simply deliver it to the address provided on the shipping label, and not necessarily to the recipient listed. Therefore, please check with your household members as there is a chance someone else may have accepted the package on your behalf.

We also recommend to check with your neighbors to see if anyone has accepted the package for you.

6. For apartment buildings & businesses.

For apartment buildings please check with your building's front desk or management office to inquire if they have received your package, for business addresses please check with your mail room, front desk, and security guard to see if anyone has accepted the package for you as there's a very good chance it was delivered to somewhere and/or someone else's business, especially if it is a large building with multiple different businesses.

7.Open an investigation claim with the courier. 

If you have done all of the above and did not purchase Route Shipping Protection and still do not have your package please contact the courier (UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL etc) and request to open a claim. When you open a claim through the courier they provide you with a case number and they will do an internal investigation to try locate your package, it is important that you contact to open the claim as soon as you realize your package is missing. The amount of time it takes for the investigation to be complete depends on the courier, UPS is 10 days while FedEx is up to 21 days.

8. If Covered, Contact Route.

If you purchased Route Shipping Protection during checkout no need to worry your package is fully covered. Simply contact Route with your Route Order Number and they will help you resolve it.

For any additional questions or concerns please send us an email at with your order number and we'll be happy to help you.

Please Note: We cannot be held accountable for packages where tracking information states the package has been delivered to your order address.