Twirly Curl Seamless Jet Black

$ 209.00 USD

Product Description

Invisible seamless silicone wefts blend perfectly for a discreet clip-In extension with less weight and amazing comfort.

Invisible and Lighter - These extensions are nearly invisible, they blend incredibly well with your own hair and are nearly undetectable from every angle.

High-Quality Hair - We only use genuine and premium Remy human hair that is sourced from virgin human hair.

Minimal-Shedding - The secret to long-lasting extensions is high-quality product that has minimal shedding which lengthens the lifespan of your extensions!

Product Details

Seamless Twirly is a soft silky texture, it comes in an 9-piece clip in full set that is incredibly easy to apply and has been specifically designed to cover your entire head. 

Simply layer each extension to create long beautiful, fuller hair in seconds that is sure to get you noticed. Your extensions can be washed, colored and styled as desired.

Total Pieces: 9 Wefts
Two 8" Inch weft with 4 clips
Three 7" Inch wefts with 3 clips
Two 6" Inch wefts with 3 clips
Two 4" Inch wefts with 2 clips


Curl Care

Curl Care Tips:

  • When detangling always finger comb gently and in the same direction only while the hair is wet, finger combing is recommended. To avoid excessive shedding not pull or tug on your extensions. 
  • We recommend co-washing your extensions. If washing with shampoo please wash every 15-20 wears or when there is too much build-up of products.
  • Wash in lukewarm water, then apply a small amount of moisturizing sulfate free shampoo. Rinse out the shampoo and apply a generous amount of moisturizing conditioner, let the conditioner sit for 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly and allow to air dry.
  • Deep conditioning your clip-Ins is recommended.
  • When using styling products on the Twirly Curl it recommended using less product or no product to maintain the hairs natural softness and curl. If styling gel is being applied make sure the hair is fully wet to avoid stiff curls.
  • The curls on this set may loosen over time, especially if bleached re-twirling this set is recommended after washing to maintain defined tight curls, Flexi-Rods are a fast an easy way to style and get tighter looking curls. 

Delivery & Return


We are more than happy to accommodate returns and exchanges within thirty (30) days of you receiving your order on hair extensions that have not been opened, worn or tampered with, this includes the sample piece, the hair and packaging must be in the same exact condition it was when it was sent to you. 

Standard Shipping Delivery Time:

Please allow 1-2 business days to process orders. Processing time may take longer during the Holiday Season. We do not ship on weekends. Check out our Warehouse Holiday Shipping Schedule.  

Read more about our Delivery & Return Terms.

Color Specification

This set is a beautiful deep black, shade 1 in the color chart. 

DISCLAIMER: Despite our best efforts to provide accurate image color representations please note that the color of your unit may vary as phones and computers cannot be relied upon for exact accuracy of color.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Seamless and the Classic regular set?

The simple answer lays at the base of the extensions. The regular classic set has a beautiful stitched lace fabric along the base of the weft while the seamless has a lightweight and flexible silicone base on the weft.


-The Classic extensions have a beautiful lace fabric stitched along the base of each weft making them soft and comfortable to wear.

-The lace is stitched on top of a base fabric providing double durability.

-The Classic set adds a bit more volume to the base of your scalp.

-This collection comes in varies curl styles and grams to choose from.

-High-quality hair, we only use genuine and premium remy human hair that is ethically sourced from virgin human hair.


-The Seamless set will lay flat on your scalp making them virtually un-noticeable you may even forget you have them installed.

-The silicone band bonds every single hair strand at the base of each weft providing you with ultimate comfort and lightweight extensions.

-The Seamless set also allows additional flexibility and movement due to the thin band. Seamless extensions are 50% thinner at the base and come in 180g / 9 wefts.

-High-quality hair, we only use genuine and premium remy human hair that is ethically sourced from virgin human hair.

What is the difference between the Sambi and the Twirly?

Both the Sambi and the Twirly are a great fit for type 3 hair, however, the curl patterns for both are slightly different. Sambi has a slightly looser curl pattern making it good for 3A-3B hair types. Twirly Curl has a tighter more defined curl pattern, making this set ideal for 3B-3C curl patterns.

How do I know which length to choose?

Each bundle is measured by its length when completely straight. 

18" Inches will give you about mid-chest length; this length will look great for hair that is shoulder length.

22" Inches will give you about bra strap length; this length will look great for hair that is around mid-chest length.

26" inches will give you close to waist length hair / lower back length; this length will look great for hair that is around bra strap length.

    We believe selecting the right length is important: It is recommended you choose a length no more than a few inches longer than your natural hair length for a natural blended beautiful look.

    Can I bleach my extensions?

    Bleaching is a very harsh and harmful chemical process, It may change the curl pattern and may alter the quality and longevity of your hair extensions, It may also cause excessive dryness that will lead to tangles. If you decide to go lighter it is recommended you take the extensions to a professional. We would advise you to only dye one small weft prior to coloring the full set to make sure you are satisfied with the resulting shade.

    Dying, toning, or bleaching is done at the customer's discretion.

    What hair care products should I use?

    Treat your hair extensions just as if it was your own hair. Use good quality shampoo and conditioning products, avoid harsh chemicals and ingredients. Natural products or styling products without harsh ingredients is recommended. If you experience heavy product buildup, you can treat the hair with a clarifying shampoo followed by a deep condition with a moisture rich conditioner.