Delivered But Not Delivered

We're very sorry to hear that you haven't received your package. Please consider the following options, as they may assist you in locating your package.

Follow these steps

Wait 24-48 hours for your package to deliver

Occasionally, the carrier may mark the package as delivered before it actually arrives. Please allow 24-48 hours for your package to be delivered or for the carrier to provide a further update.

Double check your shipping address

We suggest verifying the shipping address you provided during checkout to ensure accuracy, particularly the home number and unit number (if applicable). You can review the shipping address submitted during checkout by login onto your Curly Heaven Account or by sending us an email.

Check with your neighbors

We advise checking with your family members or anyone in your household, as someone else may have accepted the package on your behalf. Additionally, we recommend reaching out to your neighbors to inquire if anyone has accepted the package for you.

Check your mailbox and areas around your home

While the carrier will indicate on your tracking link where the package was delivered (mailbox, front door, etc), we advise checking all possible areas where it could have been delivered to, such as, around your porch, near your garage, backyard entrance etc.

If your shipping address is to a business, there's a high probability it was delivered to a different location or individual, particularly if it's within a large building with multiple businesses. We recommend reaching out to your mailroom, front desk, and security guard to inquire if anyone has accepted the package on your behalf.

Contact your local post offices

There is a possibility that your package may have been held at one of your local post offices, even if the tracking status indicates it has been delivered.

We advise visiting your local post office in person rather than the general support line of the for assistance.

Open a claim at local post office

To help locate your lost package, please open a claim directly with your local post office. They will be able to initiate an investigation and provide further assistance in locating your package.

Contact Route Package Protection

If you selected Insurance via Route Package Protection during checkout - you're covered! You may open a claim directly with Route here.