Inches Galore!

Introducing our longest length yet! 30" Inches | 260g thickness!

Curly Curl

Curly Curl has a combination of springy ringlets and looser curls throughout making this set best suited for those with 3A-3B curl patterns. 

Spirally Curl

Spirally Curl has beautiful springy ringlets from top to bottom making this set best suited for those with 3B curl patterns.

Karli Curl

Karli Curl has tight well-defined curls giving the hair lots of natural volume, this set is best suited for those with 3C curl patterns.

Curly Cue

Curly Cue has densely packed springy, S-patterned coils making this set is best suited for those with 4B curl patterns.

We strive on providing a variety of textures and products you will love, we want to make sure you feel your best while looking your best!


Seamless Sambi | Off Black

Our Seamless band has a thin silicone strip along the base making them thin and flexible.

Seamless Sambi | Mocha Brown

Their so lightweight you may even forget you have them on.

Seamless Wavy Curly | Black

The silicon along the base of the weft will lay flat against your scalp making it virtually unnoticeable.

Seamless Wavy Curly | Mocha Brown

Seamless is comfortable, discreet and will not damage your hair.

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
Love these extensions! I get so many compliments. It was a perfect for my curls and blended well...
— Marillyn F.
Customer Reviews
I love these clip-in's!! They match my curl pattern and they are easy to put in...
— Cheyenne F.
Customer Reviews
These hair extensions are amazing!! It blends perfectly with my hair and they feel very soft...
— Mirianna M.
Customer Reviews
"I am in love with this extensions!!!! I have never used clip ins before, but the tutorials are so helpful and the way the hair blends in is so natural, I am amazed. Love, love love!"
— Sofia S.


Vegan Boar Bristles Detangler Brush

Made with Vegan Boar Bristles designed to define curls and gently detangle hair with minimal tugging resulting in less fall out and breakage.

100% Mulberry Silk Scrunchies

Say goodbye to pulls, dents and damaged hair. Unlike traditional hair elastics, silk scrunchies are smooth like butter and super gentle on your delicate hair

Life Isn't Perfect...

But your hair can be! With great hair you can accomplish anything.


Sambi Ponytail Mocha Brown

Sambi has a combination texture with slightly tighter and looser curl patterns making it ideal for those with 3A-3B curl patterns. 

Wavy Ponytail Mocha Brown

Wavy Ponytail has a mix of defined S-shaped waves combined of large, loose curls. This set is best suited for those with 2A-2B curl patterns.


Classic Collection

Sticthed Wefts - More Volume

Ombre Collection

Lovely Transition

Plus+ Collection

Hello, Length... 30" Inches!

Ponytail Collection

Ponytail Perfection


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