Brush + Silk Scrunchie Bundle

$ 49.00 USD $ 39.00 USD

Silk Scrunchies: 

  • Say goodbye to pulls, dents and damaged hair
  • Silk scrunchies are smooth like butter and super gentle on your delicate hair
  • Made from 100% pure Mulberry silk
  • Mix set includes 1 large black, 2 mediums (1) rose gold & (1) champagne, and 2 skinnies (1) black & (1) white silk scrunchies. 

Silk scrunchies are smooth and gentle on your hair. Unlike traditional hair elastics, silk have much less hair friction and are ideal for protecting hair. 


Curly Heaven's Detangling Brush is made with Vegan Boar Bristles designed to gently detangle hair with minimal tugging resulting in less fall out and breakage.

Our synthetic bristles bend with each pull of the brush so it doesn't yank resulting in reduced breakage and makes getting through knots less painful, your hair will thank you. Ideal for those who are tender headed.

Bundle includes one (1) Vegan Boar Bristle Brush and one (1) mix silk scrunchie pack. All Sales are final. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of silk scrunchies?

Silk scrunchies are gentle on hair, it provide less tension and helps to minimize frizz, and tangles. Wear them to bed and wake up to smooth hair without pulling, dents or kinks or wear them all day for style and comfort without any tension on your delicate hair.

Are silk scrunchies for all hair types?

Yes! Silk scrunchies are gentle on all hair types, including curly hair, straight hair, thick hair, and fine hair.

What are the benefits of the detangler brush?

This lightweight brush is great at detangling all hair types. It’s designed with featuring soft ballpoint tips to gently massage the scalp and multi-layered bristles to detangle every strand.

How do I use the detangler brush?

Run the brush through wet or dry hair starting at the ends working your way upwards, once detangled run from roots to ends for a smooth healthy looking finish.

Can I use the detangler brush on the extensions?

Yes, the detangler brush can be used on your own hair as well as on your Curly Heaven extensions.