Silk Scrunchies & Brush Bundle

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✓ 100% Mulberry Silk
✓ Vegan Boar Bristles


Silk Scrunchies: 

Silk scrunchies are smooth and gentle on your hair. Unlike traditional hair elastics, silk have much less hair friction and are ideal for protecting hair. 

  • Say goodbye to pulls, dents and damaged hair
  • Silk scrunchies are smooth like butter and super gentle on your delicat hair
  • Made from 100% pure Mulberry silk


Curly Heaven's Detangling Brush is made with Vegan Boar Bristles designed to gently detangle hair with minimal tugging resulting in less fall out and breakage.

Our synthetic bristles bend with each pull of the brush so it doesn't yank resulting in reduced breakage and makes getting through knots less painful, your hair will thank you. Ideal for those who are tender headed.


Mix set includes five (5) scrunchies:
1 large black, 2 mediums (1) rose gold & (1) champagne, and 2 skinnies (1) black & (1) white silk scrunchies.

Bundle includes one (1) Vegan Boar Bristle Brush and one (1) mix silk scrunchies pack.

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