JANE - Double Drawn Full Lace Wig

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✧ Full Lace Wig
✧ Density 200%
✧ Double Drawn
✧ Slightly Pre-plucked


Each of our Full Lace Wigs are meticulously crafted by hand. The lace is skillfully sewn into the top of the wig cap, followed by the careful hand-sewing of individual hair strands into the lace. The intricate process involved in creating Full Lace Wigs takes numerous hours, resulting in a product known for its durability.

Full Lace Wigs offer the flexibility to part the hair in any desired direction. You can effortlessly style the hair in high ponytails and various updos, providing endless possibilities for personalization.

     Wig Type    Full Lace Wig
Density    200% 
Hair Type Double Drawn 
Length   Front 16" Inches / Back 22" Inches 
Hair Pattern  Naturally Straight 
  Hairline  Slightly Pre-plucked
Bleach Knots    No
Silk Top    Included 
   Baby Hairs   No
Part Closure   Middle Part / 3-3.5" Inches 
Cap Size  Average (22-22.5)
Wig Cap   Not Included 
Customizable   Yes  



Full lace wigs involve the ventilation of human hair onto a lace base, and they are handmade. The lace foundation offers an exceptionally natural appearance, enabling versatile parting, various hairstyles, and the option to create ponytails.

200% This density is very full, it provides extra fullness, thickness and volume.

Hair Care Tips:

∙When detangling always finger detangle gently in the same direction only while the hair is wet, finger combing is recommended. Do not pull or tug.
∙Due to the silk top, we recommend only co-washing in cold water If washing with shampoo please wash when there is too much build-up of products.
∙Avoid application of shampoo or conditioner at the base of your wig.
∙If using shampoo use moisturizing sulfate and paraben free shampoo.
∙Deep conditioning is recommended to keep the hair moisturized and avoid tangling.
When using styling tools it is recommended to always use a heat protectant to avoid heat damage.

Unlike the photos the lace has been trimmed along the wig.

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